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Production Recital

Offered in "even" years. A story ballet with full costumes and set. Non ballet classes during the 2nd half in full costume. Professional photography is available at the dress rehearsal.

Demonstration Recital

Offered in the "odd"  years. Dancers demonstrate steps and styles of dance. Dancers purchase skirts and other simple costumes.

Each year Ballet Arts holds a student recital, and dates are posted on the schedule. A mandatory dress rehearsal is required.  If the dancer does not participate in the rehearsal, he/she will not be permitted to perform.

All costume and tuition fees must be paid in full before costumes will be released to the dancer.

In the 2nd quarter, a formal RECITAL CONTRACT will be issued requiring your signature. Each student participating in the recital will be charged a non-refundable recital fee. This fee is necessary to cover recital expenses.

Dancers may opt out of the recital, but must notify the teacher BEFORE costumes are ordered in January. It is important that class attendance be consistent as teachers and dancers prepare for recital. It is appreciated if the decision to opt out of recital is communicated to the teacher early in the year. The student is responsible for payment of costumes already ordered.

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