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  • At this time masks are optional inside and outside the classroom.

  • Please do not send your dancer to class if they do not feel well, have a temperature of 100° or higher, cough, or sore throat.  

  • Ballet Arts will continue with enhanced cleaning protocols.

  • All policies are subject to change. 


Payments are made quarterly (September 1, October 23, January 12, March 4).  Costume payments due date TBD.

Payments may be made by cash, check, or credit/debit card.

There will be a $25 charge per quarter for late payments received one week after the due date.

Bounced checks will include a $45 fee due with payment.


For Preballet ages 3-6 yrs., the dancer must be the specified age for the class by September 1st.


Ballet Arts students and families are expected to treat staff and peers respectfully and with kindness.  Ballet Arts reserves the right to dismiss students or families for behavior.

NEW - Ballet Arts will be following Kalamazoo Public Schools cancellations due to weather.  If Kalamazoo Public Schools are not closed but you feel the roads are unsafe, come to a teacher designated makeup class.


Each year Ballet Arts holds a student recital, and dates are posted on the schedule. A mandatory dress rehearsal is required.  If the dancer does not participate in the rehearsal, he/she will not be permitted to perform.

All costume and tuition fees must be paid in full before costumes will be released to the dancer.

In the 2nd quarter, a formal RECITAL CONTRACT will be issued requiring your signature. Each student participating in the recital will be charged a non-refundable recital fee. This fee is necessary to cover recital expenses.

Dancers may opt out of the recital, but must notify the teacher BEFORE costumes are ordered in January. It is important that class attendance be consistent as teachers and dancers prepare for recital. It is appreciated if the decision to opt out of recital is communicated to the teacher early in the year. The student is responsible for payment of costumes already ordered.


There are no refunds for missed classes. These must be made up in the appropriate class (discuss with the dancer's teacher).

If classes need to be cancelled for any reason, students may attend a teacher designated makeup class when applicable.


There is an annual, non-refundable registration fee of $15 per family. Summer registration fee is separate.


Dance Cards for teen/adult classes are not refundable or transferrable.  Cards must be used in the season they are purchased.


Students starting within the first 4 weeks of the quarter will pay the full quarter amount.


Students starting within the last 4 weeks of the quarter will pay half the quarter amount.


Students dropping within the first 4 weeks of the quarter will pay the 4 weeks.


Students dropping within the last 4 weeks of the quarter will pay the full quarter.


GrownUp&Me: comfortable clothing or dance attire, clean pair of shoes, dance shoes, or bare feet


PreBallet: solid color leotard or dance dress, pink tights, pink ballet slippers


Classical Ballet: black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers


Character: black leotard, pink tights, character shoes (school provides character skirt)

Tap: solid color leotard, tights or leggings, black tap shoes


Jazz: solid color leotard, tights or leggings, black jazz shoes

Movement Improv: solid color leotard, tights or leggings, ballet slippers or black jazz shoes

Contemporary: solid color leotard, convertible tights or leggings, socks

Stretch & Conditioning: solid color leotard, convertible tights or leggings, socks

Boys: white t-shirt, black tights or leggings, black dance shoes

All dancers should arrive and leave with appropriate street clothes.  Dancewear should not be worn outside the building.  This is for their protection.


Preballet: hair off face and neck, bun preferred

Classical Ballet & Character: hair off face and neck, bun preferred, NO ponytails

Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Movement Improv, Stretch & Conditioning: hair off face and neck

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